Your corporate grants program is an essential component of your overall community involvement. Using Benevity’s integrated grants management solution will increase your productivity, reduce your administrative workload and leave you time to focus on developing community partnerships, engaging stakeholders and developing your community strategy. 

Benevity will work with you to develop and execute an integrated strategy for grant-making, employee giving and volunteering, and help to ensure your programs deliver real value to your company and your community.

Amplifying Your Corporate Community Investment Program

Add Power to Grants with a Holistic Approach

“One of the most customer-focused teams I have ever worked with. Their technology has reduced our administrative workload by 50%.”
— AstraZeneca


Streamline your grants program, from start to finish



Dynamic application process makes it easier for everyone

Benevity’s grants management solution provides an online application form that automatically adapts content based on the size and type of grant, its focus, country of origin and more, while it streams requests to the appropriate decision-makers within your company. The application process communicates grant criteria, screens applicants and schedules automated correspondence.

  • Branded to reflect your company's look and feel
  • Multilingual / Multi-currency applicant experience broadens the scope of your grantmaking to include international organizations
  • Verifies charitable status on the fly
  • Funds for approved grants can be disbursed efficiently and cost-effectively through Benevity’s Goodness Platform


Manage your program with a 360-degree view

A full suite of functions enables you to manage everything from budgets to auto-email correspondence, documentation and reporting. At a glance, you can access funding summaries, review data from many different reporting options, and maintain a detailed audit trail. To raise the profile and engagement with your grant programs, you can easily create Giving Opportunities in Spark to engage employees and customers in giving or volunteering with successful grant applicants.

  • Automatic verification of applicant charitable status
  • Ad hoc reports, custom reports and data export
  • Training and unlimited user support


Follow-up functions allow you to circle back and evaluate

Our system automatically schedules surveys to be sent to funded organizations and/or internal stakeholders and instills a culture of accountability with community partners.

  • Solicit impact reports and "success stories" for internal and external communications
  • Evaluate post-project ROI and future recommendations
  • Use Spark’s News and blogging functionality to convey results company-wide

Dynamic application form that adjusts automatically based on the type, size, focus or origin of the grant request

International capability
that allows applicants to submit in their own language and using their own currency

Automated Correspondence that confirms application receipt and sends progress updates via dynamic, personalized emails

Instant reports that slice and dice data using exportable formats that eliminate the need for year-end spreadsheets

ROI evaluation
that automatically schedules follow-up surveys to build accountability, improve profile and generate success stories


Top-notch support
from a dedicated client service team that will provide you and your people with unlimited technical support