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Powering Purpose-Driven Business

At Benevity, we’re helping the world’s most iconic brands bring their purpose to life.

Powering Purpose

What We Believe

Purpose (powered by great technology) has the ability to transform the way businesses engage with their employees, customers and communities. It creates deeper connections, unifies company culture across locations and geographies, and creates an incredible impact for our world.

See What Sets Our Culture Apart

What Sets Our Culture Apart

If we are to truly leave the world better off than we found it, we can’t underestimate the power of the individual. There are 7.7 billion people on the planet, and we have the opportunity to catalyze Goodness in every single one of them. That’s 7.7 billion purpose-driven armies of one unleashing their capacity for good. And that is the most powerful army of all.

Walking the Talk

As one of the first B Corps in Canada, we are committed to hybrid goals of purpose and profit. And we’re extremely proud of the “We Are We” culture we’ve created, where our people solve for our clients, our team and our communities first. Last year, 91% of our people gave their time, money and talent to the causes they care about.

Do Some Good With Us

Our People Are the Best Thing About Us

We’re lucky. The nature of our business means we attract passionate people who want to make an impact. And the unique passions and purpose they bring to work every day are helping our clients, their people and the nonprofits they support make their own impact. That’s how we create a cultural movement — starting with these incredible people.

Benevity's Leadership Team

Bryan de Lottinville, Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Bryan is a self-described "recovering lawyer" who is constantly dreaming of novel ways to help global enterprises reinvent corporate purpose programs to provide better social and business returns, while simultaneously tackling some of the biggest struggles in the social impact landscape.

An internationally recognized thought leader in the space, Bryan is a Top 100 Corporate Social Responsibility Influence Leader, Forbes Business Council contributor and frequent speaker and blogger on corporate purpose.

Bryan believes that the path to sustainable change is through grassroots engagement and cultural evolution, both within companies and broader society.  He has cultivated and nourished in Benevity a passionate culture and belief that providing people with more choice and opportunity to “do the right thing” will not only help people be their best selves, but also ignite an inherent desire within today’s socially-conscious employees, customers and communities to become an extraordinary force for positive change in our world. We think he’s on to something there!

Kelly Schmitt, President & Chief Financial Officer


Kelly is our President and Chief Financial Officer with 20 years of experience in growth company finance. At Benevity, Kelly oversees the Finance, Operations, Marketing, Sales, Client Success and Legal functions. You can also find her at the helm of strategic initiatives that are focused on bringing greater innovation and scale to our enterprise-grade systems and furthering Benevity’s industry-leading security and compliance, cause vetting, and donation management and disbursement processes.

Instrumental in leading our business continuity efforts during the global pandemic, Kelly’s authenticity, passion and commitment to our people, culture, and processes ensured we were able to support our client community to activate their global response efforts with zero disruption.

As a mother of two children under five, Kelly is passionate about childhood learning and development, serving on the board of the Calgary Science Centre and also backing causes that support women and children. Benevity’s social mission, combined with Kelly’s rigorous workout regime, gives her the energy to drive toward greatness in both her personal and professional passions.

Steven Woods, Chief Technology Officer

Steven is a passionate technologist who leads Benevity’s team of more than 200 development, analytics and enterprise platform professionals.

With a deep interest in innovation and machine learning, Steven’s 20+ years of executive experience includes 14 years as co-founder and CTO at Eloqua, a pioneering platform that created a new category of marketing automation software, and six years as co-founder and CTO at Nudge.ai, an autonomous deal intelligence layer for CRM. 

As author of the book "Digital Body Language", Steven’s understanding and deciphering of online user intention helps advance Benevity’s suite of solutions, ultimately enabling companies and their people to do more good.

Steven joined forces with Benevity to quite literally put his passion, skills and experience to good use serving humanity. He is based in Toronto with his wife and two daughters and his favorite sci-fi novel is “Ready Player One”.


Anusha Srijeyanathan, VP, Client Success


As Vice President, Client Success, Anusha leads our client experiences through our Client Services, Cause Support and Goodness Consulting Teams. She loves to help Benevity clients give back and build stronger relationships with their people and communities. Prior to Benevity, Anusha made her mark at Eloqua (and ultimately Oracle Marketing Cloud), where she led numerous teams in helping Fortune 500 companies transform their processes to succeed in the digital economy.

As a lifelong volunteer and strong believer in community service, she is drawn to Benevity’s social mission, strong culture, amazing people and growing client community. Anusha is a long-standing sufferer of wanderlust, having slept under the stars in Rajasthan, hiked Machu Picchu, climbed the Great Wall of China and bonded with penguins in Antarctica. She’s always on the lookout for her next adventure.

Vivian Farris, VP, People & Places

Vivian is a business-minded people leader who has defined innovative people programs and spaces, and shaped compelling company cultures in the stock image, creative agency and new venture fields. Her work has shepherded companies from their early stages through to growth and maturity. Vivian has also devoted her HR expertise to mentoring people who want to change the face of HR in their companies.

She gets her energy from helping others — whether it’s the neighbor down the street, the folks at the seniors home in our community, or the families in need at our many shelters. Most recently, she can be found spending her time enjoying the outdoors with her family, including her teenage boys and their new dog, Blu.


Trey Yost, Senior VP, Sales


Though he may not have known it at the time, a culmination of life experiences serendipitously led Trey down a path toward Benevity. Long before becoming enamored with our purpose-driven Goodness platform (and the people who power it!), Trey rallied coworkers in support for Heroes for Children, a cause near and dear to his heart — and only dreamt of technology that could have amplified his impact.

Speaking of tech, Trey brings two decades of experience in driving exponential sales growth and innovation within many SaaS and cloud environments. In managing our large, geographically dispersed sales team, Trey leads with empathy — he asks questions, listens with the intent to understand and always considers the best interests of our people, the company and the world at large. Trey lives in Dallas, has competed in more than 100 triathlons — including sprint, Olympic, half-Ironman and Ironman distances — and has a golden doodle named Barley.

Sona Khosla, VP, Marketing

In mid-career, Sona decided to make her lengthy work week “mean something to the world,” so she jumped at the opportunity to lead Benevity’s Marketing team. Her background includes 15 years in marketing disruptive SaaS technology products ranging from international online payments to stock imagery.

In 2015, she led a campaign that ranked #2 on Adweek’s Top Stories of the year.

Sona is driven by finding ways to enable humanity to do more of the innate good that is in all of us, and she is inspired by the idea that a single person can make a difference in people’s lives. She also finds inspiration in Russell Brand’s revolutionary vision for humanity, in Jungian psychology … and in high-fat foods!


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