Today, only about 20% of technology workers worldwide are female. And even though we’ve seen how more women in technology translates into more innovation, broader perspectives, and stronger businesses, women often lack the confidence and support they need to enter the tech space.


Paving the Way

As big supporters of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) education and firm believers in the power of diversity, Benevity has partnered with Chic Geek, a Calgary-based non-profit supporting women pursuing careers in technology.

Together, we’re working to help build a more vibrant, inclusive, and diverse tech landscape.

We wondered, how can we encourage more women to get into technology? How can we nurture a more diverse workforce for the future? We started by listening.

#BeBoldforChange #ImperfectAndStrong

When Personal Passions & Purpose at Work Pair Up

On a Personal Note

At Benevity, we encourage our people to volunteer for and support causes that are meaningful to them. When Micki, a member of our Charity Relations team, told us about Chic Geek, we jumped on board. Read about how her personal passions and purpose at work came together. 

Chic Geek is a place for the quiet, the passionate, the quirky, the dreamers and believers, the do-gooders, and the curious.

Ready for the Challenge?

From the ground-level right up to the C-suite, women are underrepresented in business and face more barriers when it comes to advancement into senior leadership roles. Despite more awareness and action in recent years, it will still take us more than 100 years to achieve gender parity in the upper levels of US-based companies. That’s too long to wait!

Benevity Founder and CEO, Bryan de Lottinville, shares some sobering stats, highlights how Benevity is tackling the challenge and calls on all of us to be catalysts in bringing – and keeping – more women in the workforce.

A Call to Business Leaders: We Have a Job to Do This International Women’s Day


Helping Women Everywhere

We hope you’ll join us in supporting women in technology and in celebrating their enormous potential in the workforce as we work toward building a better world for all. Check out our Community Impact Portal to support women in our community, women in tech and women around the world.

Raising Women Up

The pay gap may be closing, but the promotion gap isn’t — it sees women making 76 cents for every dollar a man makes. With motherhood being one of the biggest challenges to advancement, see how companies can create more inclusive environments and help women thrive in business. Some clear solutions are starting to emerge that can help us move the needle faster.

Infographic: The Future of Women in the Workplace

Confessions of an Aspiring Work-Life Ninja

Inspiring Workplace Equality

When society can consider fathers equal parents, it can consider women equal workers. Jennifer Singhal, associate General Counsel at Benevity, recently returned from a maternity leave and gives readers a personal glimpse into her experience sharing parental duties (and leave) with her husband.

Folks that decide to come back to work after becoming a parent are going to make those hours count because they want to create a better world for their tiny loved ones.