Equality for Women is Everyone’s Business


At Benevity we want you to Be You. Here's a glimpse of some of the women who make our culture what it is by being their true-blue selves.


Do the Right Thing for Gender Equality this International Women's Day

200% Matching for International Women’s Day!

In true Benevity form, Founder and CEO Bryan de Lottinville steps up big time to celebrate International Women’s Day. Bryan committed to using his personal funds to match donations at 200% made to the local chapters of three organizations dedicated to making a real difference for women.

Help us #PressforProgress: donate before Friday, March 9 to support women's causes and triple your impact!

While I have no illusion that my $100k is going to make any dent of its own on the issues facing women, I am hoping that other companies and their leaders will take notice (and maybe some action too!).
— Bryan de Lottinville, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Benevity, Inc.

Pressing for Progress: Accenture, Ball, Genentech and Intuit Illuminate the Way

Advancing gender equality through a
purpose-driven culture

Get inspired by companies like Accenture, Ball, Genentech and Intuit who are supporting gender equality in their communities.

If young women see role models that they can aspire to in a professional environment … we’ll have a greater chance of inspiring them to start a career.
— Chris Chavez, Director, Corporate Relations & Executive Director of The Ball Foundation

Keep being different

Sona Khosla, VP Marketing at Benevity, shares her experiences as a woman and visible minority in tech companies and the workforce in general.

We need people who will challenge us to think differently, force us to consider new perspectives and angles, take us to uncomfortable and new places, show up in ways that force us to reconsider stereotypes, share divergent beliefs and make us think twice about what might just be an unchecked belief about something.
— Sona Khosla, VP Marketing, Benevity

3 Words that Opened My Mind to a New Meaning of Diversity & Inclusion

Finding My Voice this International Women’s Day

Showing up, standing up, speaking up

Benevity Charity Relations Specialist Chelsey Cole shares a personal story about how volunteering for a women's organization awakened her inner activist.

For the first time, I knew that I had an important role to play in this movement, and I found my voice.
— Chelsey Cole, Charity Relations Specialist, Benevity

Gender equality benefits everyone

There’s an opportunity for companies to do better both in the world and their own cultures. Here’s a corporate guide aimed at helping our clients and companies, everywhere and of every size, create and promote a culture that pushes for gender equality, within their own walls and the world at large.

Your Guide to Creating and Promoting a Culture of Gender Equality

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Feel the fierce

Could your day use an injection of female fierceness? Check out Benevity’s International Women’s Day playlist on Spotify!