Volunteers are the backbone of many charitable efforts and, when companies recognize and reward those efforts, employees become more engaged, productive and happier in the workplace.

With Spark, enable your people to give their time and talents to causes around the world that they’re passionate about, showcasing their skills and your brand in the community. Signing up and tracking time is simple, and you can offer rewards like Dollars for Doers and Charitable Gift Cards to motivate participation and impact. Create and feature Volunteer Opportunities and events supporting local and international charities, and promote them to your people based on their location, skills and interests.

You’ll also be able to measure and evaluate the success of your volunteer initiatives, using Spark’s robust reporting features.


Volunteering made easy


Simple and efficient time tracking

Volunteering through Spark is easy and intuitive, enabling users to:

  • Easily search for and create volunteer opportunities

  • Track their time with a single click

  • Share their efforts with colleagues, family and friends

  • Rate their experience


Rewarding doers with dollars

Dollars for Doers and other volunteer rewards programs are a great way to encourage people to take part in your program. By offering donation currency incentives to people who track their volunteer time, you’ll increase their impact and make a deeper connection by supporting their passion for giving back:

  • Volunteer rewards are adaptable and easy to configure

  • Adding donation currency to Giving Accounts enables people to give to the charity of their choice, from an international database of almost 2 million causes worldwide


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