Since 2006, TrustCSR has offered its specialist consultancy advice and managed employee engagement services to some of the UK’s most successful companies. We’re proud to have worked with organisations like Amazon UK Services Ltd, BT, Pfizer, Avanade and National Grid.

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In February 2018, we were acquired by Benevity, Inc. in the culmination of a strategic partnership that started in 2013. As well as being Benevity’s UK and European headquarters, we’ll continue to offer consultancy and managed services to our long-established clients, helping to improve their performance and productivity, and adding creativity to their employee engagement and community investment activities.

Benevity’s UK team, incorporating all of the original TrustCSR employees, is made up of a group of highly professional, experienced consultants and Relationship Managers. We pride ourselves on the thoughtful, strategic consulting we provide and our commitment to client success.


We’re a B corporation (as TrustCSR was!), which means that we’re committed to our social mission, and we’ve achieved the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. We believe it’s possible to be a good business and a profitable one at the same time.

We’re passionate about helping our clients find competitive advantage in social engagement, harnessing the enthusiasm of employees, reducing costs and making a greater impact in their communities.


We’d love to talk to you!

Please call Trudi Webber on 01285 841909, email her on, or visit our new website at


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