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Join host Sona Khosla, Benevity’s Chief Impact Officer, as she talks to some of the world’s most disruptive brands, leaders and changemakers who offer unparalleled insight, inspiration and advice on harnessing the power of purpose.

From global corporations to start-ups, and from hard-working nonprofits to passionate individuals, these conversations explore how purpose is becoming the key to employee and customer engagement, and long-term business performance, and how it encompasses a commitment to DE&I, racial justice, climate change, ESG, and more.

Season one of Speaking of Purpose… is all about movements. The past year has shown us the power of the individual as people have powered movements around COVID-19 pandemic support, racial justice and equity, climate change, and many more issues. They have come together as a force for good, inspiring change at the grassroots level, and bringing purpose-driven perspectives to the companies and organizations that they work for, buy from, and support. We’re dedicating this season to exploring movements – where they come from, who is responsible for nurturing them, and how they sustain momentum after the moment has passed.

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Why companies should get ready to get canceled

Season 1, Episode 6

Guest: Whitney Dailey, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Research Insights, Porter Novelli

We know the idea that companies should address and contribute to social change has taken hold. But this responsibility has put a new kind of stress on business leaders — the threat of getting canceled. As companies uphold their values and wade into difficult conversations, they are bound to be faced with backlash from consumers, activist groups, and even their own employees. On this week’s episode, we’re joined by Whitney Dailey, who has spent years studying how brands can and should respond to being canceled, and maybe even avoid cancel culture in the first place. 

Business of Cancel Culture Study 





Whitney Dailey

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Bruce Simpson

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Stakeholder capitalism and the future of business

Season 1, Episode 5

Guest: Bruce Simpson, Senior Advisor to McKinsey & Co., CEO of Stephen A. Schwarzman Foundation

Over the past few decades, we’ve seen the priorities of business shift. A company’s primary responsibility used to be the pursuit of profit. But now, in the age of stakeholder capitalism, we’re seeing a surge in corporate purpose. But what exactly is stakeholder capitalism, and what impact does it have on a company’s bottom line? Bruce Simpson has the answers. Bruce has worked with clients across the globe on integrating societal missions into their core business strategies — missions that are driven by companies’ customers, employees, suppliers, regulators, and broader society. On this episode of Speaking with Purpose, Bruce joins us to discuss stakeholder capitalism and how it’s changing environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategies for the better. 

McKinsey & CompanyMcKinsey Corporate Purpose Insights Benevity Impact Labs



DEI&B – More than another corporate acronym

Season 1, Episode 4

Guest: Aisha Thomas-Petit, Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer, AMC Networks

These days, more and more people are bringing their full selves — their culture, their background, and their lived experiences — with them to work. The days of living with a clear divide between personal life and work life are over. As the expectation grows for workplaces to create a culture that supports people as their full selves, the question becomes: How are businesses adjusting to the increasing call for diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging? Aisha Thomas-Petit has dedicated her life to that question. In this episode, she sits down with us to talk about the importance of having DEI&B strategies ingrained into your corporate purpose, and what risks companies run when they go the other direction.

AMC NetworksBenevity Race Conversation Guide


Aisha Thomas-Petit

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Engaging customers in your corporate purpose

Season 1, Episode 3

Guest: Altaf Gilani, Head of Product for Microsoft Rewards, Give with Bing, and Bing Rebates

Customers are demanding that companies take action on the social causes that affect our communities every day. Truly visionary companies, like Microsoft, are taking it a step further. Their giving programs are designed not only to have an impact, but to engage their customers to define where that impact is directed. Altaf Gilani spearheaded Microsoft’s Give with Bing – a rewards program that enables users to raise money for the charity of their choice every time they conduct an internet search. Learn what inspired Altaf into action, and how his past passion for giving back helped shape the ideas that formed his professional future, as well as a truly innovative program that translates customer clicks to Goodness in 8 countries.

Give with Bing Benevity Impact Labs

Webinars for nonprofits: Giving is Easy When Your Donors Give with BingEnd the Year with a Bang — With Bing


How to sustain a movement after the moment has passed

Season 1, Episode 2

Guests: Christina Lewis and Stephanie Ellis-Smith, Co-founders of Give Blck 

In the wake of the summer of 2020, when the Black Lives Matter movement became an urgent conversation around the world, donations to racial equity causes through our giving platform reached an all-time high, at $166 million. Just six months later, that momentum slowed down and donations returned to their previous levels. It was during that summer that Christina Lewis and Stephanie Ellis-Smith joined forces to create Give Blck, an organization designed to raise the visibility of Black-led causes and ensure that support for racial justice didn’t fade away with the news headlines. Join us as they share stories about their lives in fundraising and teach us how to keep the momentum going towards systemic, long-term change.

Give BlckBenevity Impact Labs


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Who is responsible for corporate purpose within a company?

Season 1, Episode 1

Guest: François Locoh-Donou, President and CEO of F5 Networks 

François Locoh-Donou is the President and CEO of F5 Networks, a company that supports 48 of the world’s Fortune 50 companies by creating apps that connect businesses with their customers and help employees do their jobs. But what makes F5 truly special is the way their corporate purpose is ignited by employees, supported by leaders, and ingrained into every aspect of the business’ DNA. In our first episode, learn from François about how F5’s leaders create space for a purpose-driven culture, and what criteria he looks for when he’s hiring leaders at F5 Networks to uphold and deepen that culture.

F5 Networks  Benevity Impact Labs

Intro to Speaking of Purpose…

Season 1, Trailer

Host: Sona Khosla, Chief Impact Officer, Benevity 

Introducing Speaking of Purpose… by Benevity! We want you to join us as we explore purpose. What does it mean? What does it look like? Why is it critically important in today’s world? Who inspires and leads us towards change? Sona Khosla, Benevity’s Chief Impact Officer, will be our host through conversations with some of the world’s leading purpose-driven people. Join us for season one, entitled Movements, by subscribing wherever you listen to podcasts.


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