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The 11 Nonprofit Organizations You Should Consider Supporting Right Now

by Benevity, Inc

These local orgs need your help to provide community relief

One of the things that makes COVID-19 such an unprecedented event is that it’s affecting all of us in so many ways, on a global scale. Luckily, giving across the globe has surged during the pandemic. Donations from businesses, foundations and individual people have topped $10 billion. But as governments, health authorities and nonprofits respond to this crisis at a national and international level, we also need to think about how to help the nonprofit organizations doing crucial work in our local communities.

The organizations in your towns or cities are vital to short-term relief and long-term recovery at the local level. And right now, many of these nonprofits are struggling to respond effectively.

For many of them, in-person volunteering has dried up and they’ve had to cancel fundraising events, like concerts or galas, that they rely on to fund their work. Because the need for their services is so great during this time of widespread unemployment and economic uncertainty, organizations have used up what little cash they have.

With more than half of nonprofits operating with less than one month of financial reserves, according to a GuideStar report, they need more help than ever to continue their important work.

By running a giving campaign that supports local organizations in your area, you’ll be giving your employees, customers and the public a chance to support their family, neighbors and friends — and see their impact in their community. In addition to the organizations below, giving your people broad choice in where they donate can help ensure the causes they care about most get the continued support they need. 

As you prepare to launch a campaign, consider supporting one of these types of community organizations:   

  1. Food banks that are experiencing an unprecedented demand for their services and must outfit their onsite volunteers with PPE.
  2. Hospital foundations providing essential health services.
  3. Local Red Cross chapters working on the front lines to treat COVID-19 and limit its spread.
  4. Community foundations that provide a sense of unity and hope to people and their neighbors.
  5. Seniors foundations that help the single most adversely affected group of people in this crisis.
  6. Local mental health organizations operating crisis hotlines that will be over-taxed during this uncertain time.
  7. Shelters that rely on food, volunteers and supplies to meet the ever-growing demand of homeless and displaced people.
  8. The Chamber of Commerce that supports businesses in your area that have closed or reduced their hours or capacity. 
  9. Food delivery services for people, including seniors or people with disabilities, who can’t easily get or make meals for themselves.
  10. Youth clubs and organizations who keep at-risk young people busy and engaged, or who provide bagged lunches to kids who don’t have access to school lunch programs right now.
  11. Arts and culture organizations that rely on attendance, funding and local support to be the cultural guideposts in their areas.

Looking for more ideas and templates to help you create a campaign during COVID-19 that’ll drive the most impact? Check out Benevity’s COVID-19 resource hub.