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Interviewing the Interviewer

by Chris Venter
July 4, 2017

How to score an interview at Benevity 

By Chris Venter, Benevity Talent Scout

Here at Benevity, we proudly attract a lot of interest from talented people who are eager to join our team. As one of the fastest growing technology companies in North America, we are careful to hire the right people, people who are a good fit on a fundamental level and who also have the talent and skills to take us to new heights. In fact, since joining the team in October of 2016, I have fielded seemingly endless inquiries from people like you!

People are often interested in meeting for coffee to get a peek into what happens behind our walls. Since these in-person rendezvous aren’t always possible because of distance or time, here are some of the beans of insight that typically go into those cups of joe:


“What’s the culture like at Benevity?”

Our company culture is our secret sauce. It’s the underlying fire that fuels our team of passionate Benevity-ites to bring their A-game every single day.

Showcasing some of the bright spots in the Benevity experience across all offices.

We are a tight-knit group and we feel comfortable bringing innovative ideas to the table. We definitely are not afraid to have opinions.

We’re also big on having fun, but our culture is more than Friday afternoon beers with our teammates and exciting social events like our summer BBQ, Spring Classic mini-golf tournament, and our amazing holiday celebration.

It goes further than the success of our first ever, expectation-shattering, charity-benefiting battle of the bands event: Rock the Causebah. It’s even about more than bringing our dogs to work (which is pretty great!).


If we had to describe our culture in one word, we’d say it’s a culture of “Goodness.” Our software powers the workplace giving and volunteering programs of some of the world’s most iconic brands. But besides being what we do…Goodness is also who we are.

As a registered B Corp, we have a strong social mission and a team that is passionate about making a difference in the world.

So our culture really shines through when our team pulls together to make a difference in the community. Either through volunteering to give blood, helping out at the local drop-in centre or pitching in to raise funds to support those in need, our Benevity-ness is always at the forefront.

Benevity and Chic Geek coming together for a photo marking the success of the first ever Geeky Summit in 2016.

We also choose to partner with organizations we align most with on a fundamental level. We’ve formed alliances with STEM causes such as Chic Geek, a non-profit focused on building a welcoming, supportive community for women at the intersection of technology and entrepreneurship.

Our culture and hiring practices demonstrate this shared belief in equality and the importance of diversity in our workplace.


“Which personalities succeed at Benevity?”

DoGooders showing their true colors at a Calgary Corporate Challenge event.

When we search for unicorns to join our team, we look for people whose core values resonate with ours because it’s critically important that they are a good fit for our unique culture.

That said, it’s no secret that Benevity has a diverse mix of personalities, all of which contribute to the company’s success in their own way.

Some of the common characteristics we look for (and pride ourself on having as a team) include: humility, respect, authenticity, collaboration and accountability. We don’t shy away from a challenge, and we get to where we need to go as a team.


“What are your biggest challenges?”

Because we are growing so quickly, and our clients include many highly sought after Fortune 1000 companies, we face numerous different challenges.

How do we successfully integrate new team members within a growing company while maintaining the unique start-up culture that makes Benevity such a great place to work?

All while considering the dynamic market context and our client base’s understandably high expectations? We need to remain highly focused on our mission if we are to continue building on our success.

Celebrating good times and a great Giving Season at our on-site Benevibash. 

As the industry leader, with revenue growth of more than 5,000% in 2016, we can’t lose sight of the values and attributes that have led to our success as we scale so rapidly.

We also need to continue to innovate, and evolve our products to provide our clients with the most effective tools to drive increased participation in their employee giving and engagement programs.

To rise to these challenges, we need to continue hiring talented individuals with the ability to learn and adapt quickly in such a rapidly changing business environment. Increasingly, candidates who bring specialized skills and experience from the B2B SaaS sector will help us keep our edge.

Candidates who progress through our hiring process will notice that we arrange multiple conversations and interviews with a variety of people, often from a number of different teams.

This is to establish that candidates have the skills required for a specific role and that they are the right fit for our special Benevity culture.

We seek out unicorns who are exceptionally talented in their craft, hungry to learn and teach and willing to bring new ideas forward to help us maintain our rapid pace. More importantly, we want teammates who are pleasant to work with every day! We don’t hire brilliant jerks.


“What would I need to do to get a job at Benevity?”

We are in the fortunate position of receiving a lot of applications for each opportunity that we post. To stand out among the competition, it helps to have a clear understanding of your value proposition before you apply for a role on one of our teams.

We meet with so many talented candidates, and sincerely wish we could create opportunities for all of them. However, we are operating in a highly technical and specialized business environment, so unfortunately that is not realistic.

Benevity’s People People engage in a colourful brainstorm session

To give yourself a competitive edge, do your research before applying. Learn as much as possible about our company, our people and the work we do. Prepare yourself to clearly articulate how your past experience, skills, personality and core values would be an asset to Benevity.


“What do you love most about working at Benevity?”

Our people are obviously the best people to answer this question, so here are a few responses in their words:

 “I love that the work I’m doing is actually making a difference to thousands of important charitable organizations all over the world.”

 “I love that the software we build is used by the most prestigious companies in the world to bring more Goodness to charities that need it most.”

 “I love the freedom and trust that I’m afforded; being able to work from home when I need to and to manage my workload as I see fit.”

 “I love collaborating with such a special bunch of weird and wonderful individuals every day. It’s pretty awesome.”

“How can I learn more about Benevity?”


You can check out our culture page for more on who we are and who we are looking for.


Our blog is always being updated with new content relating to employee engagement, workplace giving, corporate social responsibility, client success stories as well as tales showcasing our Benevity culture.


Our social channels provide a great view into the daily lives of our team and our culture. Check it out!



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