The Goodness Matters Resource Hub is Live

Best practices, insights and how-tos to elevate your programs

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We’re in awe of the incredible work corporate purpose leaders like you are doing to pivot their programs. There are more eyes on you as the focus on purpose at the company level grows, making your programs more necessary than ever before. And while there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, there is one place where you can find all the best practices, insights and ideas you’ll need to bring that purpose to life — our Goodness Matters resource hub!

If you missed Goodness Matters, our annual corporate purpose event that brought together over 1,000 CSR pros, this hub is like Goodness Matters on the go. You can filter the content by different categories like employee engagement, volunteering, diversity and inclusion, and international programs so you can find exactly what you need.


Here’s what you’ll find on the hub

  • Keynote speakers who will reshape the way you think about purpose
  • Sessions revealing the future of Benevity products
  • Leaders from innovative brands sharing the secrets to their success
  • Personal stories of inspiring CSR pros

Corporate purpose planning made a little easier

Scouring the web for relevant content that can help you make the best decisions for your program can take a ton of time (and energy) that you may not have. And pulling all the info together to share with your leaders to get more investment in your program adds even more time. That’s why we put it all on the hub! Whether you’re looking to build a business case for a new program or shifting your existing one to meet the new, heightened demands of corporate purpose programs, the resource hub has what you need now and into the future as we continue to add more industry-leading content.

Want to dig into the highlights first? Here’s a summary of the top six trends we saw emerge at Goodness Matters that will shape the future of corporate purpose.