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Congrats to the Benevity Clients Who Made the JUST 100!

by Benevity, Inc

37 Benevity clients were listed among America’s Most JUST Companies

In the face of societal, environmental and political challenges, the American public is looking to the corporate sector to be more proactive about issues like employee benefits, community support and environmental impact. They also want to see companies empower their employees to do the same through employee programs that provide paid time off for volunteering and matched charitable donations.

At Benevity, we have the honor of helping purpose-driven companies achieve positive social and business outcomes through software that makes it easier for them and, more importantly, their people to give, volunteer and take action around causes they care about. You’ve likely heard plenty about the business benefits of building a culture of Goodness—like attracting, retaining and engaging employees, driving higher profitability and earnings, and enhancing brand reputation. But it can also help companies earn a spot among America’s Most JUST Companies, as ranked by JUST Capital.

Developed in partnership with Forbes, the 2018 JUST 100 is the independent research nonprofit’s third annual ranking of publicly traded U.S. corporations based on a range of issues that Americans care about the most, including fair pay, benefits, support for local communities, customer privacy, environmental impact and more.

This year, an impressive 37 of Benevity’s client companies made the JUST 100 list (a 54% increase over 2017), with 21 in the top 50 overall! We just had to call out some of these stellar companies that are doing right by their people, their customers and the world at large.

Clients including Microsoft, Accenture, Biogen and Prudential Financial were all top performing companies in their respective sectors; others including Visa, PayPal and Anthem made their debut appearance on the list; while many more including Apple and Hewlett Packard Enterprise climbed the ranks.

We couldn’t be more proud of all of our clients that make up a significant part of the JUST 100. Together, we’re evolving the way companies do well by doing good.