Benevity Announces Partnership with Community Health Charities to Help Deliver More Engaging and Impactful Workplace Giving and Volunteering Programs

Benevity Social Ventures, Inc. (, a software social enterprise that helps businesses build more engaging, strategic and choice-driven philanthropy and workplace giving programs, announced today a unique partnership with Community Health Charities of America ( to support increased participation and impact in employee giving programs, with a specific focus on health and wellness.

Community Health Charities of America represents more than 60 of the most trusted health charities in the United States. Through the partnership, Community Health Charities of America will provide campaign content and execution expertise to help deliver Benevity’s workplace giving clients focused programs on health, wellness and community involvement, ultimately enhancing participation and engagement within the Spark! workplace giving platform.

Benevity is excited about its new alliance with Community Health Charities of America and what this means for its clients. Spark! provides the technology to empower powerful workplace giving and volunteering programs; however the technology is only the enabler – companies and donors need focused and relevant expertise to drive engagement. “The flexibility and ease-of-use of our Spark! platform set clients up nicely for success, but for corporate giving programs to truly engage their people, companies also need relevant content, interaction with personally resonant charities, and expertise in executing campaigns and events. Community Health Charities of America helps us to deliver that,” said Bryan de Lottinville, Founder & CEO of Benevity.

Community Health Charities of America offers client-focused professional support and services that help unite caring donors in the workplace with America’s most trusted health charities. The Spark! solution “allows Community Health Charities of America to do what it does best – provide our corporate partners with a nationwide network of professional staff that can help companies and employees execute successful employee giving campaigns,” said Thomas G. Bognanno, President & CEO, Community Health Charities of America.

Building a Benevolent Ecosystem

Benevity and Community Health Charities of America are both driven by the need to unite donors in the workplace with charities that provide positive impacts on our communities. By joining together with other highly regarded organizations, Benevity is continuing to build a mutually beneficial ecosystem for companies, charities and donors. “Creating an ecosystem for businesses, employees and charities to interact in a cost-effective, automated and user-centric way is something we can accomplish well by working with a partner like Community Health Charities of America,” added de Lottinville.

Content = Participation

Health and wellness touches everyone at some point in time. Providing companies with the tools to create impactful campaigns around health and wellness helps to increase user participation and engagement through greater resonance, promoting a stronger culture of giving. Community Health Charities of America provides engaging and relevant content directly from more than 60 of America’s most recognized health charities, making it easy for companies to effectively promote causes and for employees to engage more deeply in philanthropy by relating their donations directly back to issues that have personal meaning for them.

“Even though the potential business and social impact is great, most companies – even very large ones – have limited resources to create and execute employee programs,” said de Lottinville. “The combination of Benevity’s easy-to-implement and administer technology with Community Heatlh Charities of America’s campaign management expertise and relevant content around health and wellness is a powerful formula for success.”

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About Benevity

Benevity's software helps companies build more engaging, strategic and choice-driven cause marketing, community investment, workplace giving and other Goodness Programs that deliver greater social and business ROI. The Benevity platform is a customizable giving engine companies can use to build user-empowered charitable giving, volunteering and matching programs into their businesses, using their own brands and systems. The Benevity platform also powers Benevity’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products, including the award winning Spark! workplace giving and volunteering solution ( and the Givatron, the first charity-of-choice giving application for Android-based mobile devices. To find out more or request a demo, visit us online

Spark! Engagement

Spark! is an integrated employee giving and volunteering solution that enables any sized business to reduce costs and increase participation in their workplace giving initiatives. With automated, easy-to-use features that include integrated real-time donation matching, volunteer tracking and “dollars for doers” rewards, Spark! provides convenient, easy and engaging ways for employees to give back to the causes that matter to them. Using Benevity’s enterprise software solution, businesses can better leverage corporate or foundation funds to optimize business and social outcomes. The rewards are a more engaged workforce, a boost to company culture and enhanced community investment impacts.

To learn how easy Spark! is to use, deploy and administer in your company, contact Dave Sciuk, VP Business Development, Benevity or (416) 560-8696

Contact Community Health Charities of America

To learn more about how your company can work with Community Health Charities of America and Benevity to better engage your employees, contact Nicole Cook, Director, Corporate Relations, Community Health Charities of America,, or (800) 654-0845.