Does Your Partner Raise You Up?

3 tips for finding the right technology partner for your corporate Goodness program (in time for fall!)

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Already thinking about your big goals for the fall giving season? It’s time to think about your technology partner too. Do you have an OK vendor or a true partner who’s committed to helping you achieve your goals?

Here are three critical things to consider when looking for The One to help you make a big impact this fall.

Your vision should be their vision

You need a true Goodness ally

You should never reach your limits again


1. Your vision should be their vision


Your partner should be able to meet you where you are right now and help you grow in the future. That starts with understanding your unique vision and goals, whatever they might be...


Finding the Right CSR Partner to Serve a Global Workforce - Nike


Your goal: scale!

If you’re buried in administrative work or creating temporary workarounds, it may be a sign that your current platform has reached its limits. It’s time to find a partner who can help you scale.


Using an Employee-centric Approach to Select Your CSR Partner - Workday


Your goal: engage every employee in doing good

Today’s socially-conscious workers are looking for purpose beyond their day-to-day jobs, so it’s time to go beyond transactions to create social movements that engage people in a meaningful way.


How to Compare International Employee Giving and Volunteering Solutions


Your goal: Create an inclusive and locally relevant experience across borders

Whether you have employees across the globe, or your people just care about global issues it’s important create a global (and local!) experience that aligns with their passions.



3 Trends Shaping Workplace Giving Programs


Your goal: Create a purpose-driven culture

Your partner should understand the trends shaping the Modern Corporate Approach to Goodness, and should be continuously investing in their technology to help you build a purpose-driven culture.



2. You need a true Goodness ally


10 Critical Questions to Ask Your Potential CSR Program Partner


Once you’ve found a partner who understands your vision, their technology needs to be able to deliver on it. We compiled 10 key questions to ask when looking for a new vendor (ahem, partner!), like:

  1. On the subject of diversity and inclusion, is your product designed to include all of our people—even those with Accessibility challenges?

  2. How will you protect our reputation through your vetting and other processes?

  3. How is money distributed to charities and what methods/systems do you deploy to ensure we maintain the trust of our users and the charities around the world?

  4. Tell us about your client community. What is the ongoing design for sharing best practices and thought leadership?

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3. You should never reach your limits again


The right partner keeps working to help you grow and create more impact so you can continue to think bigger, knowing they’ll always have your back with the very best:

  • Technology to help you scale

  • Reporting to tell great stories

  • Global solution to unify your people

  • Best practices to help you learn and grow

  • And, of course, the best client community to change the world with.

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