Webinar: Meet Missions

May 8, 2 p.m. EST / 11 a.m. PST

Whether it’s supporting a cause, adopting a positive behavior or learning about company initiatives, our new engagement module for Spark makes Goodness top of mind and fun through gamified and easy-to-complete activities that amplify your CSR objectives and support your people’s passions. Missions brings a new dimension to your Goodness program—the outcomes add up to major social and business impact!

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Join us on May 8 to learn how Missions can:

  • Engage your people through gamified and easy-to-complete activities
  • Enhance your existing giving, volunteering and community investment initiatives
  • Empower everyone in your workforce to participate in your Goodness program without barriers
  • Easily integrate with existing programs, ERGs, or any company objectives and groups
  • Use reporting to measure impact and gather rich behavioral data

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Join our panel of Benevity Missions experts

Hear how our newest module can be effortlessly added to Spark to engage more people in Goodness that benefits the company, showcases collective impact and helps people be the best versions of themselves.


Sona Khosla

VP Marketing

Jim Olson

Director, Product Design


Renee Matsalla

Product Manager