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Benevity Helps Microsoft Bing Raise $1.5 Million for Nonprofits

December 15, 2020

Give with Bing users donated Microsoft Rewards points valued at over US$1.5 million to more than 30,000 nonprofit organizations around the world, including matching funds contributed by Microsoft since April. Microsoft will continue to match donations under the Give with Bing program, powered by Benevity's API, through December 31, 2020.

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Benevity Data Shows That More People Gave More Money to Nonprofits in 2020 Than They Did Last Year

December 08, 2020

In the first ten months of 2020, employees and customers of Benevity’s corporate clients donated $500 million of their own funds through the platform — a 76% increase over last year — indicating an increasing desire from more people to take personal action to support critical societal issues. 51% more people donated through the Benevity platform from January though October 2020, giving 41% more dollars per donation.

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