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June 2019, Edie | How employee engagement is helping PayPal make environmental sustainability 'business-as-usual'

May 2019, BuzzFeed | Opinion: Companies Say They Value Women. It's Time For Them To Stand Up For Abortion Rights

April 2019, HR Daily Advisor | The Rise of Employees as Agents of Change: Engaging Your People with Purpose

March 2019, Cone Communications | The Next Wave of Employee Engagement: Takeaways from the Benevity Goodness Matters Conference

February 2019, The A100 | Province of the Apps: Made-in-Alberta Apps That Are Changing the World

January 2019, Entrepreneur | Here's How Conscious Capitalism Will Bring You Better Workers

December 2018, Forbes | More Power With Your Pay: A Millennial-Friendly Charity Platform Is Transforming Corporate Giving

November 2018, Mashable | Giving Tuesday campaigns that'll help you make a difference

October 2018, Bloomberg | The Super-Rich Are Stockpiling Wealth in Black-Box Charities


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Bryan de Lottinville
Founder and CEO

Chat with Bryan about: 

  • Pioneering ground-breaking Goodness technology

  • Reinventing corporate giving to maximize social and business returns

  • Tackling the biggest struggles in the charitable landscape

  • Shaping purpose-driven company cultures

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Vivian Farris
VP People

Chat with Vivian about:

  • Corporate Goodness strategies that inspire authentic engagement

  • Using CSR programs to attract and retain top talent

  • Integrating Goodness into HR

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Sona Khosla
VP Marketing

Chat with Sona about: 

  • Tapping into CSR to create a positive consumer and employer brand

  • Building corporate culture that creates meaning, purpose and impact

  • Putting belonging, inclusion and empathy at the top of the corporate agenda


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