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Make “I’m Proud to Work Here” an Employee Mantra

Attract, retain and engage the best talent by offering a more meaningful employee experience that helps them grow personally and professionally.

I’m Proud to Work Here

Employees want purpose, and they’re looking for it at work. When you give them opportunities to do good, through giving, volunteering and positive actions, you can reduce turnover by more than 57%.

A More Meaningful Employee Experience Builds Loyalty

Unified Culture

Create a unified culture

Give every employee, in every location, an equally engaging experience that empowers them to create positive change in their local communities while feeling part of something bigger.


Increase participation

The companies that use Benevity to engage their employees see 22% more participation than they did before partnering with Benevity.

Reduce Turnover

Reduce turnover

Benevity data across 118 companies and 2 million users worldwide shows that employee turnover can be reduced by more than 57% by engaging people in doing good.



HR Quick Fact

73% want their employer to provide them with opportunities to shape the future of society.

Source: 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer

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Show your employees that your company is where they belong


Create more impact for everyone

Scale your corporate purpose initiatives with technology that automates everything for you and provides your people with multiple ways to make a personal impact — in one platform.

Provide a global and local experience

No matter where your employees are, you can create a seamless experience for everyone with a 20-language, multi-currency platform and access to nearly 2 million vetted nonprofits worldwide.

Measure your impact and optimize your program

With the most robust reporting available, you’ll have the data you need to see what matters to your people and optimize your program for the most impact.

Make the most secure choice 

Benevity is trusted by the biggest brands in the world who have chosen us to ensure their donations will only go to reputable causes and their brand reputation is never put at risk.

Our employee engagement survey showed that 98% of employees feel encouraged to participate in employee volunteering and giving programs. Based on data from Benevity, we know that when employees participate, the rates of turnover decrease, employees feel more engaged, and events can be used for team building and creating a sense of belonging. All of this contributes to increased retention of employees.
Mollie Brooks, Corporate Social Responsibility Specialist

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Employee Engagement

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