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More Social Impact, Half the Work

Streamline and scale your granting program so you can make time for what matters.


Your stakeholders all agree:

companies need to pursue more than just profits. They must prove their purpose, authentically. With Benevity's grants management solution, you’ll spend less time administering your programs and more time on strategy and impact.

Purpose and Impact at Scale

Streamline and scale your program

Easily manage thousands of applications from start to finish with features like custom eligibility screening and dynamic workflow tools. Capture the information you need to make better decisions, faster.

Gain confidence and peace of mind

From total budget control to global nonprofit vetting and strict data security (including GDPR compliance), you can rely on the industry’s safest software solution to run your corporate granting programs.

Remove borders and barriers

Reach vetted nonprofits in nearly 200 countries with a leading 99.5% payment success rate. And as the only corporate granting solution that meets WCAG 2.0 standards, visual barriers are removed.

Amplify program impact

Our robust reporting tools track the metrics that are important to each of your stakeholders, while uncovering opportunities for growth. Automatic follow-up surveys to grantees gather information for impact stories.

Engage Your People in Your Community Investments  

Invite employees into the granting process by asking them to nominate grantees or involving them in your decision-making process. And if you choose to bundle Benevity Grants with Spark, our leading employee engagement solution, you can further amplify the impact on your communities and your people.

See How Adobe Is Doing It

“84% of millennials want their companies to help them get more involved in their communities.”

source: Cone’s Millennial Engagement Study

People expect companies to positively impact society


of people believe it is no longer acceptable for companies to just make money.*


of people would purchase products and services from a purpose-driven company.*

Ready to see Benevity Grants in Action?
Streamline and scale requests

Easily manage thousands of applications with custom eligibility screening, dynamic evaluation and workflow tools that route requests to appropriate reviewers based on custom criteria, different forms and rules for your various programs, and more.

Have total budget control

If you’re running multiple programs and budgets, our budget module can do the heavy lifting for you. You’ll have maximum control over your budget and be able to easily report on all aspects across teams, programs and different focus areas.

Keep requests moving automatically

We can set up automated workflows that match your company’s processes, so if you have multiple people who each perform a different task, or maybe a review committee or external reviewers, each request automatically moves on to the next step whenever a task is completed.

International Payments
Make local and international payments easier

We disburse your funds efficiently and accurately across borders to vetted nonprofits in nearly every country, and provide tax receipts in local currency. So you can be sure your funds will get where they need to go.

Give with peace of mind

All nonprofits are rigorously vetted (at no cost) before they’re included in our database, plus we do regular checks against 1,200 watchlists and a final check before any donations are disbursed. So your community investment funds will only go to causes in good standing.

Get robust reporting

Our built-in reporting capabilities track the metrics you need to build a compelling story around the impact of your community investment programs, while providing insights you can use to optimize them even further. We also offer customizable reporting services.

Build your brand reputation

Your granting program is a powerful expression of your corporate purpose and, when done right, it shows that you’re committed to making a positive impact on the world. This is crucial when 86% of people say they would buy from a purpose-driven company, according to Porter Novelli’s latest research.

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*Feeling Purpose: 2019 Porter Novelli/Cone Purpose Biometrics Study