We all know a ton of work goes into running a good corporate responsibility program, and the passionate people behind it don’t always have the time, resources or data they need to take it to the next level.

Benevity’s Goodness Consulting Group brings fresh eyes to your strategy, approach and program and helps you discover opportunities to meet your unique employee engagement goals, realize specific business outcomes and make a bigger social impact.



Let’s make Goodness matter (more)

We’ll work with you one-on-one to take a look at your company’s unique culture, assess your metrics, benchmark against others and make specific, actionable recommendations to get the most out of your budget and help you lead change in your organization.

How Google Uses Grassroots Giving To Enhance Company Culture


Benchmarking your program against your peers gives you a clear view of where you are now and where you’d like to go.



Best practices come from our large and growing client community, as well as evidence-based research, which offers us a unique vantage point to see what works and help you apply it to your business context.


Your company culture is unique to you, so while we benchmark against others, we also look at what will work best for you.  


Who you’re solving for isn’t always who you might think, so we’ll look at your diverse demographics and what they need.


Making the business case for change requires a strong argument and data to back it up. We’ll help you get the buy-in you need.  


Even small changes can have a huge impact. One of the companies we work with saw participation soar by 300%, and donation volume increase by 91%, by making small but meaningful changes to their approach

Our Goodness Consultants


Nicole Campbell
Principal of Goodness Consulting

Nicole’s passion for behavioral psychology plays a key role in her ability to help organizations manage and adapt to change. As Benevity’s Principal of Goodness Consulting (and leader of Benevity Labs), she is committed to driving change by removing boundaries from conventional CSR programs.

Having started her career in the nonprofit sector focusing on innovation and technology to help build organizational capacity, Nicole transitioned to Intuit where she led the global Giving & Volunteering program. She spent a portion of her time as an “innovation catalyst,” which basically meant helping teams innovate and solve problems. That’s exactly what she does for Benevity clients today.

Outside of work, Nicole’s a songwriter and hockey player who confesses to being “dog crazy.” Her interest in youth employment has taken her to India and Tanzania, helping to empower entrepreneurship among rural people.


Nadine James
Goodness Consultant

An undeniable people person with a smile more contagious than the common cold, Nadine has found herself at home at Benevity. After what Nadine felt was about 100 years, she decided to leave her typical office job to focus on issues she felt passionately about. Since then, she’s worked mostly in the local government and nonprofit spheres helping make things better for as many people as possible.

She first encountered Benevity while managing Blue Shield of California’s Corporate Citizenship program and began dreaming about the good we could do together. Now, hitting her stride as one of our Goodness Consultants, she’s proud to act as matchmaker between employees and the non-profits who most align with their own passions.

 A native Londoner, Nadine is a true citizen of the world having lived in six countries before settling in the Bay Area. If you find yourself in her neck of the woods, investigate her claim that she hosts the best dining room dance parties — fueled by a “hella good cuppa,” naturally.

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