Most workplace giving programs are moving from once-a-year fundraising initiatives to year-round employee engagement programs focused on multiple pillars, events and causes. Still, there are times when you want to engage your people with event-based campaigns, whether during “giving season” or beyond. Benevity makes it easy for you to create, promote and report on strategic initiatives that support your unique company culture and signature pillars or causes. You can choose a charity or group of charities as a focus (from an international database of more than 2 million causes), add associated volunteer opportunities or quickly rally support for disaster relief that galvanizes participation throughout your organization.

A Corporate Guide to Putting the UN Sustainable Development Goals to Work

We offer a simple but powerful solution 


Add a new campaign or project in just minutes

Target any campaign to certain geographies or demographics

View and edit or re-publish any campaign you’ve created


Communicate the campaign to your people with built-in tools

Order campaigns and other content in a Featured Campaigns carousel

Prepare reports showing the effectiveness of your campaign

Reach people inside and outside your organization

Benevity has developed a customizable external-facing microsite called the Community Impact Portal, which helps bridge the gap between internal and external stakeholders. It also provides an intuitive, easy-to-use interface for your customers (or other external stakeholders) to participate in your giving initiatives – from disaster relief to corporate events – all under your brand. It’s a powerful way to communicate your company values, goals or mission to people outside your organization.

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