Meet Missions!

When it comes to doing good, small actions can add up to a serious impact. And when you give your people opportunities to take actions in their daily lives—like riding a bike to work, reducing plastic waste, or making meetings more inclusive—you’ll make a difference in the world while creating a more desirable employer brand for today’s socially conscious workforce.

Doing good feels good—and that’s what Missions is all about! Based on the principles of behavioral science, Missions makes learning and doing good top-of-mind and lasting through gamified and easy-to-complete activities. It helps employees adopt new positive behaviors at work and in their lives through small actions that can make a real difference, for the individual and the company! 

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Inspire a Purpose-Driven Culture with Missions

When I used Missions, I felt inspired to try new things I’d never considered before. I’m excited that I can make a quantifiable difference and that I can do it with my friends at work!
— Sarah, Fortune 500 company


Create agents of change

Missions encourages your employees to get involved in doing more good at the grassroots level through gamified and easy-to-complete activities that promote awareness and learning, and spur prosocial behavior. Personal dashboards display an individual’s impact and how they rank against their colleagues.


Infuse your culture with purpose

Create a purpose-driven culture and a rich employee experience by amplifying your existing CSR initiatives. You can create custom Missions content that invites employees to take action and help you move the needle on any of your company cause pillars or other special campaigns and goals.

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Ready-to-publish content 

Use our pre-loaded, theme-based libraries to invite employees to engage with specific cause areas. Our content helps companies engage employees in a range of crucial causes like:


Drive more impact with a holistic solution

When you offer Missions alongside your workplace giving and volunteering initiatives, you’ll see employee participation in your Goodness program grow.

Our clients have seen employees donate and volunteer for the first time after using Missions, and donations increased by more than 60% when giving campaigns were paired with Missions!


Include everyone in Goodness

The most successful Goodness programs empower anyone to participate. With Missions, everyone in your workforce can do good without any being limited by time, money or even location—which means your CSR program can make a greater social impact and business impact! It’s especially engaging for today’s dispersed workforce, with 80% of remote workers participating in Missions.

Built-in empathy  

Content for Missions has been developed with a heads, hearts and hands model. A proven way to shift perception and behavior—and prompt people to take action—this approach to content appeals to our logic and emotions while providing actionable ways to do good. 



Gather rich insights

Share your story with employees, your community and the world! Companies can measure and report on collective impact, while gathering rich behavioral data to gain insight into what drives engagement and social impact. You’ll also know how your company is contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Support the UN Global Goals

Companies can use Missions to engage employees in supporting various UN Sustainable Development Goals related to water, waste, emissions, energy, as well as reduced inequality—and track progress towards those goals!

Learn more about how Benevity can help you engage employees with the SDGs.

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Engage employees with a gamified user experience


Pre-loaded with ready-to-publish content or create custom content to fit business, culture and CSR goals


Activity tracking and personal dashboard that shows individual impact


Aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals


Amplify existing giving, volunteering and community investment programs


Reporting to measure company impact and gather rich behavioral data

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