Always Be Prepared: How to Plan Your Disaster Relief Strategy

When disaster strikes, your people want to be able to respond quickly and effectively, offering meaningful support to organizations making a real difference in the affected areas. Benevity makes it easy to create, publish and distribute worldwide giving opportunities in just minutes, providing your people a chance to respond effectively as the situation unfolds.


scrnshot-sm-disasterrelief-02 copy.png

Show your organization’s commitment to Goodness on a global scale. Create effective disaster relief campaigns based around the most relevant organizations working on the ground, and make an international impact. Share them with your employees, clients and community stakeholders.

  • Make donations simple, and enable payroll for automatic deductions
  • Attach a time-specific matching offer to emphasize the immediacy
  • Relate the campaign to other fundraising campaigns or volunteer opportunities and company initiatives
  • Get the word out quickly using built-in communications tools
  • Share ongoing news and updates via News functionality, internal blogs and email
  • Report on the effectiveness of your unique giving opportunity
  • Use the Community Impact Portal to extend your campaign to external stakeholders and participants, like consumers or partners

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