Always Be Prepared: How to Plan Your Disaster Relief Strategy

Respond quickly and confidently during crisis events

When disasters occur, people and companies feel compelled to do something to help… and fast. By providing employees with meaningful opportunities to make a difference as events are unfolding, companies can show their commitment to impacted communities and their people.

Being prepared for crisis events means having a proactive disaster relief strategy in place—and best-in-class technology to put it into action. Benevity’s holistic corporate disaster relief solution provides everything CSR leaders need to quickly and confidently engage their employees, communities, and nonprofit partners whenever and wherever disasters strike.


Corporate giving to disaster relief has grown 300% in the last three years. Is your company ready?


Drive more impact with a holistic approach

For companies looking to respond meaningfully to disasters as they unfold, impact is everything. Rally the greatest possible response by amplifying the generosity and passion of your employees and customers.

By taking an integrated approach to disaster relief that aligns your workplace giving, matching, volunteering, corporate grantmaking and consumer-facing initiatives, you’ll maximize the combined impact of everyone.

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People + Places + Platform

Giving back during a crisis—no matter where it happens—doesn’t need to be complex. Our holistic, corporate disaster relief solution has all of the features you and your people need to make a difference when it matters most.

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Powerful, flexible donation capabilities

You can promote relief giving in a variety of ways, with appeals that include special matching rates, or by encouraging employees to set aside funds for emergency donations in their Giving Accounts.

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Easily support international relief efforts

Benevity OneWorld™ is the industry’s most complete international solution that allows your people to respond to crises occurring anywhere in the world by supporting cross-border donations to a global database of almost 2 million charities in nearly 200 countries.

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Timely disaster relief resources

Benevity provides everything companies need to launch effective appeals, including written content, high-quality imagery and curated charity lists with organizations working on the ground to support relief efforts.

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Mobilize public support

The Community Impact Portal (a customizable, public-facing microsite) enables companies to expand their disaster response beyond their workplace giving or grantmaking programs, so customers, friends, family and the broader community can get involved too.

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An efficient, proprietary disbursement platform

Charities and nonprofits receive relief funds efficiently and accurately because we aggregate all forms of support into lumpsum donations. That means you’re saving them administrative costs and time when it’s most important.

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A strategic partner

Our experienced and passionate people offer best practices to help you prepare for any disaster scenario. When you choose Benevity, you’ll have a team ready to help you put your plan into action fast when the time comes.

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Powerful reporting capabilities

Seamlessly combine insights from across your integrated disaster relief efforts so you can tell your impact story in the most resonant way for all audiences and stakeholders.


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