We’re on the lookout for dreamers and doers. Ones who see the glass as half full, who believe in their ability to make a difference and who want more than just a job. We go looking for them in places that are sometimes obscure, and once we lure them out of hiding we treasure them. They share our vision to help companies and people make the world a better place through Goodness, and they devote their unique mix of talents and expertise to some of the most iconic brands anywhere. All of this is what makes Benevity-ites a rare and diverse bunch.


“…flexible, results-oriented workplace full of passionate people who are changing the landscape of workplace giving…”
— Glassdoor.com review

Your chance to make an impact

Benevity’s impact culture means you have the autonomy to use your talents, experience and passions to make a meaningful difference. It’s unstructured, techy and challenging…in the best possible way.


Be part of a culture of change

What’s it like working at Benevity? Our people enjoy a stimulating, collaborative environment, which might include an occasional interruption from a dachshund or labradoodle. Sure, we work hard, but we also find ways to kick back, including regular Wellness Wednesdays, Bunch Lunches and our quarterly Benevity Hug (fair warning: you should be comfortable giving and receiving hugs). Since we’re in the business of giving, we also spend a good chunk of our time volunteering for causes that matter to us. It’s all part of being in the Goodness game.


B Corp Goodness

Working at a registered B Corp puts our people in good company – with 1,500 corporations worldwide who are using business as a force for good. Imagine if every day you played a part in making the world a better place. It’s possible at Benevity!


Meet some of our people people

Finding Benevity-ites takes time, patience and a lot of work, but it’s worth it when we find just the right person for one of our teams. We like to have fun while we’re searching, hitting our favorite neighborhood ice cream shop, planning scavenger hunts, visiting our other offices and playing with the pooches that roam our floors. Here are a few of the first people you might meet at Benevity:


Anette Ceraficki
Anette can be found recruiting for all kinds of roles across the organization but will happily admit that her favorite time of year is intern recruitment time. Anette is an avid hiker and traveler and has found more than one great candidate while in the mountains or airport waiting room.


Velvet Beaumont 
Velvet heads up our technology recruitment, managing the relationship building and scouting from Benevity’s satellite office (AKA her living room) in lovely Vernon, BC. Velvet spends her free time playing soccer, that is when she’s not managing her menagerie of six dogs and seven cats.


Interested in joining our team?

We’re always looking for more outstanding people.