Are you already thinking about your big goals for the fall giving season? It’s time to think about your technology partner, too!

We know it can be overwhelming and time consuming to find the right partner. So, we pulled together key questions to ask, as well as stories from companies who have been in your shoes, to help you find “The One” who can help you reach all your goals, whatever they may be…

10 Key Questions to Ask

When comparing vendors (ahem, partners!), here are 10 key questions to help you determine if they’re The One.


Scale Your Program

Get out from under the paperwork and on top of temporary workarounds with a technology partner who can help you scale.


Engage & Empower

Find a technology partner who can help you move beyond transactions to create a social movement that engages your people in a meaningful way.


Unify Employees Globally

To ensure you’re offering the same experience to every employee, here are 10 capabilities your technology partner should be able to deliver on.


Could Benevity be The One?


Build a Purpose-Driven Culture

The right technology partner should be on top of the trends shaping business today so they can help you lead with purpose.


We’re ready for your questions!