The charitable season is underway and now is the perfect time to start thinking about how you can tap into your people’s passion for doing good and amplify your social impact. Based on the trends we’re seeing, leaders of modern corporate giving programs are adopting an employee engagement approach that is responsive, democratized and inclusive.

Sound interesting? Well, look no further! You’ve just landed on your one-stop-shop for all the data, trends and insights you need to run a successful campaign this fall, including tips on how you can scale these insights into a year-round strategy that will help you garner record-breaking participation!


Doing Good Looks Different in 2018

The 3 trends shaping successful workplace giving programs in 2018

Today’s leading companies are leveraging three emerging social impact trends to engage more of their people in their workplace giving programs. Discover these trends and learn how weaving them into your program can help build a purpose-driven company culture and transform your people’s impact during charitable season—and all throughout the year—in our latest infographic.

The top 10 charitable causes trending right now

We’ve entered the biggest months of giving, and what better way to assess what’s shaping employee giving than looking at what causes people are giving to and why. Keep reading to discover the top 10 causes trending in 2018 (so far!) and what trends are impacting the way your people give.

The Top 10 Charitable Causes Trending (so far!) in 2018

We are only half as good as we want to be. Here are 3 things companies are doing about it this charitable season.

How you can bridge the gap between ambition and action

Did you know that we’re only half as charitable as we intend to be? And with giving top of mind, now is the time for companies to consider how they can empower their people to give and bridge the gap between ambition and action. Find out how CSR leaders are engaging more of their people through their Goodness programs to boost their impact this Giving Season.

ebook: How companies are shifting their approach to engage their people

Expectations are changing, and more people than ever are now looking to businesses to be a force for social good. As leaders in the CSR community are adapting to these expectations, we’ve seen 3 trends emerge that are helping them to engage more of their people and make a bigger impact through their workplace giving and volunteering programs.

3 Trends Shaping Workplace Giving Programs

Webinar: Doing Good Looks Different in 2018

Webinar: Doing Good Looks Different in 2018

The charitable season, or what we like to call “Giving Season”, is almost here! We know it can be tough to figure out how to outdo your successes year after year, so we pulled together tons of data, like the top charities people give to, and best practices from companies that have shifted their approach to doing good. All to help you grow your program and increase your impact!

Watch our recent webinar, “Doing Good Looks Different in 2018,” to learn how these companies are maximizing their impact by leveraging three key ingredients: responsiveness, democratization and inclusivity.