#GivingTuesday $100,000 Charity Giveaway Frequently Asked Questions

I saw that I had retweets. Why isn’t my charity on the results page?

Some entries did not meet the requirements that were laid out on our contest page. Only retweets with the following characteristics were accepted:

  • It was a retweet of the correct pinned tweet on our profile

  • It included the #BeTheGood hashtag, spelled properly

  • It included an @mention of a charity’s correct Twitter handle

Due to the overwhelming interest in this contest, many entries were received early in the Contest Period. Therefore, any entries received after the first 10,000 could not be accepted.

Here are some other reasons why you may not see your charity here:

  1. Your charity is located outside of the United States or Canada

  2. Your charity is not registered with the IRS or CRA

  3. The tweet originated from a private Twitter account

When will my charity receive the donation(s)?

All funds will be disbursed throughout December and January. If your charity is receiving a donation and is signed up for electronic funds transfer (EFT) in the Benevity Causes Portal, the funds will be deposited directly into their registered bank account.

If you’re a charity, click here for details on how to sign up for EFT. If this is the first time you’ll be receiving funds through Benevity, please check out our website for more information about us and details on how to register your charity on the Benevity Causes Portal.

What if somebody retweeted my retweet?

To be eligible to receive $10 per retweet, only retweets of the video pinned to our profile could be accepted.

What if my charity doesn’t have a Twitter account?

Unfortunately, only retweets with an @mention of a valid and active Twitter account will be considered.

How do I know if my charity is eligible?  

Only organizations with 501c3 status in the US and CRA status in Canada are eligible to receive funds.

Are there any fees associated with the donation(s)?

Disbursements are subject to a 2.9% Charity Support Fee. Read our Terms of Use for more details.

Get the contest rules and details here