Corporate responsibility has come a long way in the last 20 years, but we’re trying to engage a workforce that’s more diverse — and socially conscious — than ever before. It’s time to do more.

As one of the earliest B Corporations, we take our social mission pretty seriously. So we created Benevity Labs to partner with companies who share that vision and want to create transformational change across the broader ecosystem. Benevity Labs brings non-profits, corporations, academic institutions and government together to collectively drive Goodness forward. We’re partnering with like-minded companies to run cutting-edge behavioral studies to form hypotheses, run experiments to validate ideas, create data points to prove them and share that body of evidence with companies like yours. 

We hope these experiments will remove boundaries and inspire new ways to create wide-scale change — and maybe even lead to a new and more authentic era of corporate responsibility.


What are we cooking up in Benevity Labs?

Intentional Giving Study with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Ideas42

We’re partnering with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Ideas42 to study the factors that influence human behavior in relation to giving and how we can utilize that to move beyond transactional interactions to more intentional and meaningful giving.