Benevity is the global leader in corporate social responsibility and employee engagement software, including online giving, matching, volunteering and community investment. Many of the world’s most iconic brands rely on Benevity’s award-winning cloud solutions to power corporate “Goodness” programs that attract, retain and engage today’s diverse workforce by connecting people to the causes that matter to them. With software that is available in 17 languages, to an employee base of 10 million users around the world, Benevity has processed nearly 3 billion dollars in donations and 17 million hours of volunteering time this year to 200,000 charities worldwide. As a certified B Corporation, Benevity is part of a unique breed of for-profit companies with a social mission who believe that ‘doing well by doing good’ is more than just a catchy tagline.



What we believe

Goodness (combined with great technology!) has a transformative power that enables businesses to truly engage with their people, unify company culture across a global context, connect corporate values with communities in need and generate measurable business results, all while creating an indelible impact on the social landscape. It’s an “and” not an “or”…


Our vision

Our vision is that, soon, there will be no need for a separate category of ‘B Corporations’ because every company will pursue hybrid goals of profit and purpose. Giving back to the cause of one’s choice will be as easy and common as leaving a tip at a restaurant, and an everyday part of doing business with companies that care. It is society’s collective pursuit of Goodness that will help lift humanity to its greatest destiny.


Make a difference

Whenever we can, we roll up our sleeves as volunteers and take part as contributors to the causes we care about. Have a look at what’s been inspiring us recently, and what’s been making an impact in our community. Oh, and feel free to make a contribution of your own!


A proud B Corp

Benevity is a registered B Corp, which means we are formally committed to a higher standard of using the power of business to solve social and environmental challenges. We have a vision to improve the social and business returns companies receive from their investments in employee and consumer giving and volunteering and, simultaneously, to build and strengthen our society. Benevity was one of the first B Corps in Canada, having been first certified in 2011, and we continue to attract like-minded people who want to work hard and leave the world better than they found it. One day we expect all companies, in essence, will be B Corps, but until then we appreciate the distinction!

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