The Benevity Goodness Platform helps brands bring their social mission to life with technology to build a positive workplace culture, amplify the impact of corporate giving, and power pro-social brand engagement.


Find out why hundreds of enterprise companies choose Benevity:


Imagine the next era of corporate purpose. Powered by you.

The most engaging workplace giving experience available

Create compelling giving programs that help attract, retain and engage your diverse workforce and build an emotional connection between your company and causes. Because Spark meets WCAG 2.0 AA standards, it’s the most inclusive solution in the market. As one of our clients put it, our SaaS solution has “changed workplace giving from a chore to an experience.”


Built-in volunteering for greater participation

By including volunteering in Spark, Benevity makes it easy to give both time and money in one place, with features that include integrated rewards, simple time tracking, event promotion and search based on skills, interest, location and more.


Engage employees through positive actions

When it comes to doing good, small actions can add up to a serious impact. Get more people involved in your Goodness program at the grassroots level with Missions, Benevity’s employee engagement solution. Gamified and easy-to-complete activities promote awareness and learning that can make a real difference, for the individual and the company!


Grants management that connects your company to the community

Amplify the impact of your corporate philanthropy and community investment programs with an integrated grants solution that manages workflow, fosters collaboration and automates communication (and disbursement!), while tracking and reporting on impacts.


Put our robust Goodness API to work for you

Using our Goodness API, you can create your own corporate giving or cause-driven marketing program and take advantage of its flexibility (and our backend of almost 2 million global charities) for e-commerce integrations, loyalty rewards programs and transactional interfaces. Whatever your business size, it’s Good for you.  


Make it easier for charities to receive funds

Benevity streamlines corporate donations to charities and non-profits, saving them time, effort and expense that doesn’t directly impact their mission. It’s simple for organizations to register and start receiving electronic fund transfers from some of the world’s largest corporate donors.


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