At Benevity we’re all about making Goodness matter more for companies, people, charities and communities. We’ve challenged the status quo from day one, by making people-driven giving a part of every day work and life, and we haven’t stopped innovating since. Together with our clients, we’re creating a growing social movement that is engaging more people to give back to more causes in a more efficient way.

“By turning charitable giving from a chore into an experience, you have helped us challenge our thinking.”
— VP, CSR Fortune 1000 Transportation Company

What makes us different?


1. Our large and growing client community

We work with some of the most progressive and socially conscious brands in the world, so when you join Benevity you’re in great company. As a part of this passionate community, you have the opportunity to network with the best-of-the-best in the space through live events, like our annual Goodness Matters client conference, and share ideas and learn from each other all year round.


2. Our mission to evolve the charitable landscape

Our mission is two-fold. First, we’re dedicated to reducing cost and administrative burden on charities by automating and aggregating donations so they can focus on their own missions. Second, we will leverage the incredible reach and resources of global companies to help people become the highest and best versions of themselves every day. By engaging people in global Goodness in this way, we will help create business value while delivering tangible social impact.


3. Our passionate service

Our people are our biggest differentiator, hands down. They go well above “account management” to offer thoughtful and responsive assistance (to you and your users) that ensures your success. They’re dedicated to helping you grow your program by sharing best practices and insights that will allow you to leverage your culture, communications and technology to maximize participation — and attract, retain and engage your people. We truly believe their level of passion cannot be copied because it’s so deeply embedded in our culture, and our people are the reason we’ve earned so many raving fans along the way.


4. Our simple and engaging user experience

We built our platform with the user at the center because the best way to engage a diverse workforce (that includes everyone from Boomers to the new Gen Z cohort) is to make it easy. Our goal is to offer complex capabilities in the sleekest and simplest way because great technology is important but it has to be about engagement first. So every new and existing feature is developed to improve the experience for every user, from donors and volunteers to administrators and managers. 


5. Our ability to make Goodness global

Benevity OneWorld is the only complete international solution on the market, with seamless experiences in 15 languages, and access to more than 2 million causes in more than 200 countries (and growing!). Our partnership with TechSoup, the industry leaders in global charity vetting, offers you access to more secure causes — big and small — than you can get anywhere else. So you can unite all of your employees by providing a truly global — and local — experience.


6. Our robust reporting and business intelligence

Our clients can report on any transaction for any desired outcome, for a clear look at the performance of their programs. Powerful tools built right into the platform allow administrators to “slice and dice” information any way they need to, in order to gain valuable insight on things like participation volume, campaigns, special events and more.  


7. Our ability to meet you where you are (and grow with you)

With Benevity you get access to everything — workplace giving, matching, volunteering, disaster relief, corporate granting, API solutions and more — because it’s important to us that we’re able to scale to any client size or program need. The end goal is to have a platform that does everything you want it to to do now and in the future, so there are no limitations as you see greater and greater success.


8. Our ability to distribute funds more effectively

We own our own charity platform. This means we don’t rely on third-party affiliates to get donations to charities around the world. Instead, we use a single database, common workflow and simpler process to get money to nonprofits with more certainty.