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Inspire Top Performance Through Giving & Volunteering

Spark! Workplace Giving
Make workplace giving and volunteering easy and impactful by bringing together all your needs to run a successful program in one integrated system. Take advantage of tremendous feature sophistication behind a simple, elegant interface to engage employees and make program administration flexible and painless.

Workplace Giving Features

Custom Cause Portfolios & Disaster Response

Rallying around a common goal provides great opportunities for increasing and promoting year-round employee engagement. We make it easy to promote pillars your company supports (with or without matching offers). Build and manage branded collections of vetted charities, effortlessly promote your fundraising events, feature cause campaigns (for a single or group of charities) and quickly respond to external events such as natural disasters.

Company & User-Generated Volunteering

Giving time and talent is a great way to achieve impact with a relatively small investment (it’s also a gateway to increasing donations!). Easily publish and promote company-sponsored Volunteering Opportunities or events to connect your employees with local and global communities from an intuitive interface. Offer donation currency and other rewards for volunteer time tracked and optionally enable employees to easily create their own opportunities and recruit others to participate.

Dynamic News & Blog Content

Even the best program design and state-of-the-art tools need effective promotion. With just a few clicks you can create and share news stories, photos and videos to keep employees informed about campaigns, volunteer opportunities and social impacts. Highlight event participation, let everyone know what’s new in your program and encourage employees to join the discussion through interactive comment boards.

Charitable Rewards & Matching Incentives

Increase the impact of philanthropic dollars through a matching program that is easily executed, increases participation and alleviates manual processes. Tools such as Charitable Gift Cards, Donation Currency and Giving Accounts all utilize the concept of empowering recipients to support causes that matter to them, increasing the likelihood that the reward or incentive will be impactful to the recipient. Employees can also send Charitable Gift Cards to friends and family, extending the reach of your program and brand.

Comprehensive Reporting Capabilities

Improving the success and visibility of your social investments is easy when comprehensive metrics are measured in real-time. Quickly and easily access key metrics to measure and report on the impact of your CSR initiatives, track participation and company progress towards giving and volunteering goals, and understand the cause choices of your employees to create a customized and responsive user experience. Program administrations can create custom and comprehensive reports or use the robust standard reporting package.

Centralized Donation Management & Payroll Deductions

Make it easy for your employees to do good by consolidating donations by payroll deduction, credit card and PayPal in one convenient interface. Provide users with the ability to donate to any registered charity or a subset vetted by your company (without the hassle of cutting multiple checks). Automatically issue branded tax receipts increasing the visibility and intimacy of your users involvement with your company.

International Capabilities

Multiple countries, local causes, native currency – one platform and a common user experience. Built on the world’s first embeddable micro-donation processing platform, our workplace giving solution scales to unlimited capacity all under your brand. Instead of sending people to other environments to perform their transactions, we create native environments within your program to match a language, currency and local partner. Content can easily be promoted globally or filtered and made available on a targeted basis.

A paradigm shift is taking place - a new model is emerging that empowers employees to participate in the giving experience inside and outside the walls of the workplace.