Help Change the Landscape

Create Efficiencies Through New Technology

Benevity Causes
Benevity Causes offers charities direct access to customize their interactions with companies around the world. We want it to be more than just another portal that charities need to access and keep up-to-date. We’re committed to adding value to the charitable landscape and helping charities achieve efficiencies along the way.

Benevity Causes Highlights

Gain Exposure & Connect with Businesses

We understand that most charities (specifically smaller organizations) often don’t have the resources to cost-effectivley engage potential donors. We’re dedicated to providing charities with the tools to easily create giving and volunteering opportunities in all types of businesses. Gain access to corporate fundraising, cause campaigns, customer and employee donations and company matching funds to increase exposure and steer more donors and volunteers towards choosing to support your programs.

Update Your Cause Profile

Easily update and enhance your online Cause Profile, exposed in all of Benevity’s giving programs and applications. Your Cause Profile is how you are presented to users in the Benevity platform. A profile rich in detail will help educate potential donors and increase the likelihood that an employee, customer or corporate client will select your cause. Add or update your logo, a summary of what you do, relevant search tags, your website and social media outlets to increase exposure.

Access Detailed Donor Reports

Benevity Causes automates and aggregates all donations made through any of our clients giving programs through a centralized portal that can provide electronic funds transfer and online self-serve reporting to charities large and small. Detailed reports are automatically posted and accessible when donations are received so charities can easily report on and track donations from companies and individuals donors.

Receive Funds Faster & More Efficiently

Benevity is committed to helping the charity sector achieve (much needed) technological efficiencies by providing the back-end platform to facilitate donation processing, aggregation of donations, distribution of funds and tax receipting. Charities can effectively reduce the time and money they spend on administration and receive funds faster by registering for EFT (electronic funds transfer) payments.

Add Volunteer Opportunities

Broaden your reach, increase the interaction users have with your cause and receive more donations by creating and publishing high quality, engaging Volunteer Opportunities. Opportunities are made available to Benevity clients to display in their giving programs. Did you know volunteers tend to give more than non-volunteers? The dramatic increase is created by an emotive connection to doing good (it’s all those happy endorphins).

It's not (merely) about gathering and handing out fish; companies need to help create armies of passionate fishermen!