Part of Benevity’s social mission is to help improve the way global charities access and become eligible for corporate giving programs, and to modernize the way charities process and receive donation funds. By aggregating payments to each charity across all clients and donors, and automating payments and donor tax receipting in a scalable global model, Benevity reduces manual administration costs and frees up resources to focus on mission-related issues. Central to this ecosystem view is the Benevity Causes Portal, which includes a global database of more than 2 million registered charities.

“If we could receive every donation through Benevity’s system we would. We don’t need to do a thing to confirm donations and get a match. Payments are more frequent and deposited directly into our account so we don’t need to allocate staff to administrative chores.”
— National Children’s Charity


Benevity helps companies increase their impact by ensuring their supported charities receive funds more efficiently


Lower cost electronic payments

With the advent of scalable online giving platforms, donation processing is an opportunity to create efficiencies and reduce administrative costs in the non-profit sector. Benevity leads the industry in disbursing funds electronically, helping recipient organizations receive funds reliably and effectively. Our Goodness Platform manages all donation processing by automating and aggregating fund disbursement, tax receipting and tracking and reporting.


Charity vetting & due diligence

Companies now realize the key to greater participation and engagement in their programs is broader charity choice. With more than a million not-for-profit organizations in North America alone, where do you even begin? Benevity can help! We make it easier for nonprofit organizations to establish their eligibility for our client’s corporate giving programs, reducing the burden on charities while enabling companies to adhere to their own program guidelines. We’ll determine if an organization is a registered charity in good standing, assess whether the charity meets eligibility guidelines, ensure they are not on relevant watch lists and that they comply with non-discrimination, anti-bribery and secular fund uses.


International program development

Delivering a global solution in a manner that resonates locally requires sophistication and commitment, not just software. Benevity’s database includes charities and nonprofits from all over the world – and we’re adding more every day. Our service delivery model is designed on a per-country basis that delivers international giving programs under the same brand and user experience in any country, in 15 languages and seven currencies.

Interested in how your nonprofit organization can start receiving donations through the Benevity Goodness Platform?