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1. More Powerful Reporting: Embedded Insights in Spark
See how data-driven program leaders use analytics to increase the performance of their programs, and how you can use Benevity’s new reporting features to do the same. Our reporting gurus will be on hand to show you the best tips and tricks for using data to help tell your story. 

2. Rallying Your People Around the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals
Does your organization want to support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? In this interactive session, we’ll brainstorm new and fun ways to rally your people around the SDGs and contribute to a real global impact. 

3. Missions Product Workshop: Engaging Your Workforce in Sustainable Actions 
Every day your employees take small but powerful actions that collectively contribute to your sustainability impact. Find out how Benevity is developing ways to help you engage your employees in everyday Goodness initiatives that have tangible social and business returns. Join this session to brainstorm ways of curating, tracking and measuring more ways to do Good. 

4. The Power of “And”: Complementing Your Corporate Pillars with Grassroots Engagement
Open choice giving and volunteering drives overall employee engagement, but how does it help your people care more about your company’s pillar causes? Learn how you can encourage your employees and community members to get involved in company initiatives through advanced features like the Community Impact Portal, Volunteering, Friendraising, Giving Accounts, Charitable Gift Cards, Strategic Matching and more.

5. Internationalizing Goodness: Notes From the Field
This session will help you gain a better understanding of what it takes to run a successful international Goodness program, with stories from clients who are leading the way in this area. We’ll also cover the sometimes complex topics of vetting and gifting standards, tax laws and program design, as well as how to create equal impact across borders. 

6. Getting Ready for a Benevolution in Your Company: Launching Your Goodness Program
This session is designed for new Benevity clients (aka newBs) who are launching Spark for the first time, as well as program leaders making changes to their programs. Attend this session to learn tips and tricks on launching new programs or changes, getting user adoption and developing a culture of Goodness.

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